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Aren’t you breaking the law?

 Aren't you breaking the law?

Aren’t you breaking the law?

Contacts DB purchase is prohibited by the individual information protection law which is very strict in Korea and Japan. So acquiring contacts DB process is contacting all relevant organizations to their receptions and do the profiling only via outbound call or email tactics.

Keyword competition

keyword competition

This may give you a hint about why you need to check your partners, competitors and re-sellers’ keyword strategies. And redirecting the traffic simply to your home page or a landing page which is not relevant to the keyword is not recommended unless it is about the topics the traffic intended to follow.

A Night Walk


ImageA night walk in the falling snow

Maintaining customer database data quality

1 Page Market research + Customer data quality maintenance


  • Data gathering and analysis via various channels (+offline activities if necessary)
  • Data cleansing(Existing and newly acquired) and review
  • Importing data into CRM or the equivalent

Riding San Francisco Cable Car

Riding San Francisco cable car at night – On the way back to the Hotel after dinner at pier 39.



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