Korea Communications Commission – Operational Report

Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communications

Overview | Key Projects | Pending Issues

Future Plans

Establish the Cloud Act (deliberate with related government offices, promote legislation).

Establish ‘Comprehensive M2M Activation Plans’ (Oct. 30)

Start nationwide high-resolution 3D terrestrial experimental broadcasting through regular broadcasting channels.※ Experimental broadcasting scheduled for commencement in mid-October through SBS (metropolitan area) and MBC and EBS (nationwide)

Implement the ‘Smart Seoul’ pilot project to experience NFC services at major museums and exhibitions in downtown Seoul (Oct. 2012 – Feb. 2013)

Prepare plans to support a cloud data center in order to promote expansion of new IT services (big data and smart work, etc.) (Oct. 30)

Operate the Committee for New Broadcasting and Telecommunications R&D Projects of 2013 (from November)

Select new projects for 2013 and establish broadcasting and telecommunications R&D project implementation plans (December)

Host an LBS Festival (tentatively named) that includes LBS idea contest awards, a policy forum and a strategic conference to promote a location-based service industry (December).

Complete a project to support an interactive broadcasting program production linked with smart devices and report results (December).


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